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Learn to Drive without Nerve-Racking

Looking for authorized car driving schools having driving instructors for learning safe and confident driving? Shanaya Driving School Thomastown provides you the expert driving instructor training near Melbourne and surrounding areas. Experienced and inexperienced people come here to enhance ad learn new skills of driving respectively.

We provide up-to-date, modern, and convenient solutions in our teaching at a very reasonable price in the market. The list of things that you can expect to learn from Shanaya Driving School Thomastown is compiled below:

Fundamentals of Driving:

Don’t worry! We won’t drive you straight into traffic during your first training lesson. We will first focus on the basic elements of learning such as helping you out to make you familiar with the car’s controls, from adjusting your seats to operating the wipers and other controls such as lights, mirrors, heating dials. This also includes how to move the accelerator, brakes and how to start, move and stop the vehicle.

Vehicle Safety:

The team of trained instructors at Shanaya Driving School Thomastown will help you to understand the safety rules on road and when and how to follow them. Every one of us who is moving the vehicle on road should follow some rules that are implemented by the country’s authority to avoid accidents. These rules include knowledge about seat belts, u-turns, child restraint systems, and more.

Visual Awareness:

This includes how to check all the directions while moving out from parking, assessing the road, checking all the sides of the car before entering the road, how to keep an eye on road hazards by checking all the mirrors, and many more. Visual awareness demands more focus while moving on the road.

How to position your car:

This is one of the most important lessons in learning to drive that helps to reduce the risk of accidents while parking. At Shanaya Driving School Thomastown you will be taught about the proper distance that needs to be maintained. Leaving enough distance to stop safely helps in avoiding collisions with other vehicles.

Not only this you will learn much more from our team of experts.
 Driving School in Melbourne!