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Reliable & Trusted Driving School in Glenroy

Searching for reliable and best Driving School Glenroy? Visit Shanaya Driving School in Glenroy. We operate driving lessons along with driving courses in Glenroy and surrounding areas. Our learning sessions are not only for the younger generation but all age groups who want to have perfection in their driving skills to become perfect and competent drivers. We offer driving packages at a reasonable price to aspiring learners according to their convenience and guide you about the tricks and safety rules required for driving vehicles on roads.
Our lessons are customized according to every individual. Each student is given special and individual care making them a safe, confident, responsible driver. As you move further with every phase you will gain confidence in learning. Our famous Behind the Wheel Training will allow you to learn at your pace if you have never been behind the wheel of a car before. Our responsibility is not just providing you the driver training but an extensive training required for driving safely your whole life.

What you will learn in the basic beginner’s lesson?

Initially, we start with the basic lessons that include the tips and tricks required for first-time drivers such as:

  • Reverse bay parking maneuvering helps you to park the car into the parking space and drive out.
  • Collision control training helps you to avoid the danger of collision.
  • Identifying roadside severities
  • Car driving tests
  • Defensive car driving training will help you to pass your driving test.
  • Driving lessons for building confidence
This training is provided by our qualified and certified instructors by using both manual and automatic cars. Additionally, we have comprehensive driving lessons for beginners that help them to understand the details regarding every single function in the car, when and how to use them, knowledge about various road signs, markings and signals, and etiquettes required for safe driving. If you are planning to learn safe driving with confidence for yourself, or your family members, or your friends, you can begin with the best and authorized Driving School Glenroy - Shanaya Driving School, and enjoy the best driving experience. We not only provide you practical expertise but most help theoretical lessons that can help you for future reference.
Book a lesson or call anytime without delay at our Driving School Glenroy to become confident and competent drivers!!!
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