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Safeguard Your Life While Learning Safe Drive

Learning to drive means driving your vehicle at the comfort of your time and schedule. It gives you the freedom to live and enjoy your life on your terms and conditions. Initially, you will need the help of some driving school who can guide you on the proper ways of driving safeguarding your life by making you understand the safety rules on road. Shanaya Driving School Deer Park helps to achieve this goal with a team of professionals.
There is no quicker or assured way of learning to drive than reputable and qualified instructors at Driving School Deer Park. We have been teaching in Victoria and its suburbs for a long time. Our trainers are intelligent and know how to make the best out of you. They will help you to be in the driver’s seat with ease and confidence. By attending our defensive driving course you can get your license six months earlier.

For beginners, we don’t just drive them on the driving seat straight away. First, our driving instructors will teach you driving on a quiet road to make you learn the fundamentals of car controls such as gears, pedals, brakes, seatbelt, steering, mirrors which is called a cockpit drill. After that, they will teach you the road rules that include road signs, illegal U-turns, speed limits and penalties for impetuous driving, knowledge about hit-and-turns. Then they will take you to the advanced courses. You will learn to drive in safe and comfortable manual and automatic cars according to the rules of Victoria, Melbourne. The theory lessons are incorporated into practical lessons as well. Our instructors keep a record of your progress that helps them to identify your driving progress and needs.

At Shanaya Driving School Deer Park you can enjoy a flexible schedule. For beginners, it is very difficult to make themselves comfortable for driving. They need to set up their minds for learning to drive. We specialize in both automotive and manual driving that helps you to attain this confidence.

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